An excellent next step for your son or daughter

Government changes mean that now your child is in year 11, their education must continue until they are 18 years of age. It’s only natural that you should want the best for their future. While they’re no doubt keen to make their own decisions about the next two years, you can rest assured that Dudley Sixth takes parents into consideration too.

We’re offering brand new facilities, complete with computer centres, study areas and library, to create an ideal environment for learning. These are backed up by first-class teaching, a caring pastoral system (supported by local schools) and an ethos that nurtures inquiring minds.

To learn more about life at Dudley Sixth, you’re more than welcome to attend one of our open days alongside your son or daughter. You can also get answers to your questions by calling our admissions team on 0800 783 6095

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The aircraft is an artistic creation of a 1916 British Sopwith Camel, designed by Rudolph de Harak and constructed by sculptor William Tarr. It was hoisted into place by crane in 1969 and hasn’t moved since.