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Course aims

The course allows learners to critically-reason, develop arguments and gain a thorough knowledge of key philosophical concepts. You will also learn the key academic skills of critical thought and the ability to develop and sustain your own arguments.

Entry requirements

You will require a grade 6 in English language and a humanities based subject, in addition to the usual entry requirements.

Course content

Unit 1

Topics include ideas on why we should be governed and follow the rules of society and on whether you are a moral person because it is the right thing to do or because of peer pressure. You will also analyse the role of God in our cultural and philosophical lives.

Unit 2

Are we truly free or are we controlled by hidden forces? You will also study the value of art. Our notions of beauty and art have changed markedly over the centuries - you will explore why.

Unit 3

You will study the mind and the philosophy of politics in greater detail. Laws, justice, liberty and rights – how and why do we believe so keenly in these ideas and in some cases spreading our forms of justice to other countries? You will also study knowledge and morals in greater detail.

Unit 4

A close reading of a specific philosophical text that incorporates all of the foregoing concepts and ideas.

Course assessment

Ongoing written assessments and presentations throughout the academic year. There are two written exams in both years.


Textbooks will be advised by the course leader.


Philosophy has a range of attractive transferable skills that are attractive to many Higher Education courses and to employers in such careers as law, business, finance.


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