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Mathematics (Pure & Mechanics or Pure & Statistics) GCE AS/A2 Level

Course aims

To provide a good basis for business, science, computing or engineering.

Specific entry requirements

(To be read in conjunction with the General Entry Requirements.)

One of your GCSEs must be a grade B or above in Maths at Higher Level.

To study GCE A Level you must have achieved a grade D at AS Level.

Course content

GCE AS Level (3 units)
Pure Core 1 & 2:
  Algebra and functions, Co-ordinate Geometry, Series, Trigonometry, Calculus, Transformations and Exponentials and Logarithms.

There is then a choice of EITHER

Mechanics module: Mathematical modelling, Forces, Newton's Laws of Motion, Projectiles, Connective particles and Momentum.
Statistics module: Numerical measures, Probability, Probability distributions, Correlation, Regression and Confidence Intervals.

At A2 Level
Pure Core 3 & 4:
Functions, Further Trigonometry, Further Calculus and its applications, Numerical Methods, Binomial Expansion, Vectors and Further Algebra
And the follow on module to the first year option
Mechanics module: Moments, Centre of mass, Energy, Circular motion and
Applications of differential equations
Statistics module: further probability, distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing.

Course assessment

You will be assessed by a series of external examinations.


Recommended text books include Advanced Maths for AQA - T Graham et al (Heinemann) for each of the modules stated.
For each module Dudley Sixth will loan the recommended text books.
Scientific Calculators are required, except in Core 1, when their use is forbidden


Higher Education or Employment.


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