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Course aims

This course will develop your knowledge and understanding of modern British and European history, and help you to acquire the skills of a historian.

Entry requirements

You will require a grade 6 in English and a grade B in a humanities subject (history preferred but we will consider others), in addition to the general entry requirements.

Course content

Unit 1

This unit is a breadth study covering a period of approximately 50 years, and our chosen topic is British history during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. We will focus on the huge economic changes occurring during the period as a result of industrialisation, and the profound social and political consequences of these developments.

Unit 2

This unit is a depth study covering a much shorter time span, which will examine Germany in the aftermath of the First World War. Our focus will be on the economic, social and political conditions which paved the way for Hitler’s rise to power in 1933.

Unit 3

In this unit students will continue their study of topics examined in year one but over a more extensive time period. The breadth study of Britain will focus on economic, social and political developments during the mid-Victorian period to 1885, and our depth study of Germany will focus on Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship before and during the Second World War.

Unit 4

This unit is a historical investigation, which provides an opportunity for students to carry out a piece of extended research on a historical topic of their own choosing, and present their findings in the form of a written assignment.

Course assessment

Written examinations and coursework.


A number of basic textbooks cover the syllabus and these will be discussed at the first class meeting. Dudley Sixth has access to an extensive library collection of history texts and use will also be made of Internet sources.


Higher Education, or a career in teaching, museum work, the public services, business, commerce or journalism.


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