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English Literature

Course aims

This course encourages students to develop as critical, autonomous readers with the skills to analyse and evaluate texts from different times and genres. Students will be expected to read widely and make contributions to class discussion of texts.

Entry requirements

You will require a grade 6 in English literature (if taken) or combined English, in addition to the general entry requirements.

Course content

Over the course of the two years you will study a range of poetry, prose and drama texts. You will be encouraged to be an active reader and to offer opinions and ideas based on your own interpretations of literary texts, as well as considering the opinions of others. You will read a wide variety of texts from different social and historical contexts, including Shakespeare.

You should be willing to undertake wider reading and study in order to analyse and evaluate a writer’s language and techniques.

A list of set texts will be provided when you start the course.

Course assessment

A combination of examination and coursework plus regular assignments and in–class assessments.


Dudley Sixth will supply all set texts although students may choose to purchase their own copies.


Higher Education or university. An English A level is valued by universities and employers. Career options: English can lead to a variety of careers. The skills it develops can lead to teaching, journalism, business, management and information services e.g. librarianship.


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